Reviews and Comments on Compositions

Review — Pictures of Israel

Dr. Robert Forman, San Diego Jewish Press Heritage

The highlight of the evening was the dramatic, spellbinding descriptive work by David Hush. A resident of Australia, Hush was in the audience for the premiere performance of his composition. Pictures of Israel is a commissioned work by the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity. The work divides into five movements: ‘Shalom’, ‘A World Beyond’, ‘Folk Dance’, ‘Reflection’ and ‘Affirmation’.

The unusual combination of instruments — violin, flute, contrabass, and tabla — attest to the sensitivity and insight of the composer and his awareness of Israel’s environs. The use of the contrabass rather than cello or other low-pitched instrument gave an obvious tonality to the ensemble with special resonance. The challenge of that part was possible to achieve because of the virtuosity of Bert Turetzky.

The tabla, a high-pitched drum and a low-pitched drum, commonly played in conjunction with the sitar, is well-known in India and Middle Eastern countries. Audiences who have developed appreciation of Western Hemisphere music are generally unaware of the vast, sophisticated music of the Orient.

The skill of playing this instrument was admirably proved by Terry Longshore, a teacher at UCSD and at California State University at San Marcos.

Using the tabla to provide the repeated pulsation and monotone of the Israeli desert landscape was a brilliant choice by the composer.

The most impressive movement, a mesmerising sequence, was performed by the unaccompanied contrabass.

The musical patterns, similar to the ragas of India, with the intense commitment of the player, provided a musical experience seldom realized in unaccompanied, solo bass playing.

The composition, in its final section, was an amalgamation of the sustained melody of the violin, played muted at times, the repeated rhythm of the tabla, and the pizzicato of the contrabass.

Review — Fantasy and Fugue

Daniel Kaan, classikON

Chris Cartner played a piano solo: Fantasy and Fugue by David Hush, who was in the audience. This piece was firmly in the tradition of JS Bach with a slow moving but unstoppable harmonic structure, cadenzas, pedal points, suspensions and resolutions and dramatic (organ-like) bass voice entries. Slow and grand. An impressive piece and performance.

Comments on Compositions

I am familiar with several compositions by David Hush, and think that he is a very talented composer; thoroughly professional and original. I think his work deserves encouragement and attention. Vladimir Ashkenazy

I was very favourably impressed with what I read. Hush writes well felt and well thought music — and musical music. Antál Dorati

(On Three Pieces for Solo Flute) I listened to your CD and was very impressed with the music and the flautist. Really excellent playing. Sir James Galway

As a soloist performing his works, I would like to praise the creative abilities of David Hush, whose works written for me demonstrate the skill and dedication he gives to his art. I wish to encourage the support of such an outstanding composer. Rivka Golani

David Hush is an exceedingly melodic composer with a special affinity for stringed instruments. His Contrapunctus for violin and viola is an excellent example of his extraordinary talent in that his idiomatic writing for the two instruments is not only an obvious delight for the performers but a compelling auditory musical experience for the listener. Hush knows how to use textures in order to convey a richness that requires no other instrument(s) to explore his very satisfying harmonic structure. There are scant compositions written for the violin and viola that offer both the instrumentalists and the audience such a rewarding musical adventure. Gary Karr

(On String Quartet No. 1) We think that it is a very interesting piece and that it should have its place in the list of well known and valued contemporary String Quartets. We will recommend it with pleasure. Alban Berg Quartett Of Vienna

(On Symphony No. 2) A fine work. I hope that my positive reaction and enthusiasm may be helpful in other directions. Sir Georg Solti

(On Symphony No. 1) A very well written and well sounding composition. Stanislaw Skrowaczewski

Being familiar with some of the works of David Hush, I can say with certainty that he is a composer of considerable merits. János Starker